Installations & Upgrades

NRGPAL operates in both Victoria and New South Wales. Our focus is on commercial LED installations, upgrades and retrofits.

Available Services

NSW LED Upgrades

Upgrade your T8 fluorescent tubes with quality LED products with only $33 co-payment.

VIC VUE Upgrades

Upgrade your T8 Fluorescent lights or CFL lights FREE OF CHARGE in the State of Victoria. Explore our product range.

HEAT PUMP Upgrades

Upgrade your inefficient Electric Water Heater with energy efficient heat pump technology. Available in NSW and VIC

NSW Energy Savings Scheme

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme offers small businesses access to the HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits) Program. The program offers premises across NSW increase the energy efficiency of small and medium size business by upgrading inefficient T8 Fluorescent Tubes with low wattage high efficiency LED Panels and LED Battens.

We aim to provide quality service to all customers!

LED Panels

LED Panels are installed in suspended ceiling environment.

Emergency Lighting

Upgrade to LED Emergency Lights will increase safety and provide substantial energy savings. Available only under IPART Scheme.

LED Battens

LED Battens installed as a surface mounted lighting solution.

Victorian Energy Upgrade Scheme

VEU scheme is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emission and to encourage the switch to energy saving solutions. By taking part in this scheme, your business dramatically reduces lighting costs while also taking part in an effort to make your state a more environmentally friendly and better place to live.