Victorian Energy Upgrade Scheme (VEU)

The purpose of the VEU scheme is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emission and to encourage the efficient use of electricity and gas. By taking part in this scheme, you are substantially reducing your lighting costs while also taking part in an effort to make your state a more environmentally friendly and better place to live.

Free LED Upgrades

In some cases, the value of VEECs created from a project is sufficient to cover the entire cost of supplying and installing the lights and NRGPAL will complete the project at no cost. In other cases, you may be required to pay a co-contribution towards your project. In either case, we will provide you with a proposal to complete the installation which you must accept before any work commences.
Why LEDs?

Modern LEDs provide exceptionally high quality light and products are now available to replace almost any old-fashioned lamp or luminaire without compromising on light levels or comfort. LEDs use up to 80% less energy and last up to 20 times longer than conventional lights.

What is VEU?

The VEU is a Vic Government scheme designed to reduce electricity consumption in Vic by creating financial incentives for organisations to invest in projects that save energy.

How VEU Works?

The VEU is not a rebate scheme, and your participation is voluntary. Certificates known as Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) for each unit of power that is saved from energy savings projects that they implement. These certificates are then sold to energy retailers who are required to purchase a certain number of certificates for each unit of power that they sell.

Energy Improvement Services

LED lighting is a highly cost effective solution compared to all other electric lighting options. Compared to traditional technologies, LED’s consume up to 80% less power, with the resulting savings in cost.

Energy Reduction Revolution

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver more environment friendly and economically viable solutions to our clients. Due to the programs running in either states, we can do this at an extremely low cost or no cost at all. Contact us to find out how we can support you in switching over to LED lighting. NRGPAL can carryout the LED lighting upgrades for the following business areas and much more.

  • Retail, Hospitality and Service Industries/Sectors
  • Telecommunications, Educational and Age Care facilities
  • Manufacturing and Storage Facilities
  • Information technology etc

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