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Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU)

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is a state government initiative designed to encourage installers, homeowners, landlords, and businesses to adopt more energy-efficient products. This program offers rebates for a variety of qualifying products through different activities.

Understanding VEECs

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are generated for each qualifying installation under the VEU program. These certificates translate into rebates, providing financial incentives for adopting energy-efficient solutions.


Benefits of the VEU Program

  • Homeowners and Businesses: Receive discounted installations, lower future energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Installers: Gain financial incentives from the rebates, which can be used to participate in the program, secure more work, and create additional job opportunities.

Calculating VEECs

VEECs are generated when a VEU-approved installation is completed. The number of VEECs produced depends on several factors:

  • The type of old/existing units decommissioned.
  • The new model(s) installed.
  • The location of the installation (postcode), considering regional vs. metro areas and different climate zones (cold, mild, hot).

Installers can utilise a VEEC calculator to determine the optimal VEU solution for their customers.

Funding the VEU Rebate

The VEU rebate is funded through the creation and sale of VEECs. As an accredited entity, can generate VEECs for installers. Victorian energy retailers are mandated by the government to purchase VEECs, with prices fluctuating daily. The gross rebate is based on the VEEC price on the day of sale, minus the costs associated with the VEU installation. The final rebate amount to the homeowner is determined by the installer, as it varies for each installation and business.

Why Choose Us for the VEU Rebate?

Only accredited individuals can create VEECs, a complex process involving trading and legal responsibilities. Many businesses find it challenging to manage this themselves. NRGPAL collaborates with Green Energy Trading, an accredited partner, to generate energy efficiency certificates. Learn more about Green Energy Trading here.

We work with qualified electricians and professionals who has substantial experience in energy efficiency and project management skills.

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VEU marketing Update

A person who contacts consumers to market the Victorian Energy Upgrades program must:

  • not call consumers on the phone without prior consent (from 1 May 2024) or visit you at your house or business without prior consent (from 1 August 2024)
  • not use high-pressure tactics to sell or market products or services
  • explain that the program is voluntary and you do not have to take part
  • not claim they work for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, the Essential Services Commission or the Victorian Government
  • tell consumers what business they work for
  • for in-person marketing, always wear an identification card that includes a photo, their full name, contact details, ABN, and main contractor details
  • provide accurate information about the goods or services being provided, including the suitability for their purpose
  • comply with spam laws if sending marketing emails or SMS, including getting consent, making it easy to unsubscribe and identifying the provider or business in the message.

As a consumer, you can expect to be treated with respect and courtesy, and to be provided the information you need to make a decision about whether to participate in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program with the business that is marketing to you.

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  • The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) provides financial incentives to install energy efficient equipment and appliances in NSW households and businesses.
  • An energy saving certificates or ESC (pronounced “esky”) is created by an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) for each one notional Megawatt hour (MWh) of energy saved by the project.
  • The Mandatory Scheme Participants i.e. Electricity Retailers obtain and surrender these certificates to meet their own legislated targets, as enforced by the NSW or VIC Government.

  • There is no catch, just use the Government Incentive and enjoy reductions in your electricity bills!
  • NO Taxpayers Money Spent